The Stone Portals
by Sergey Smelyakov

Part II: Experiment (Chapters 10, 11)

The first part of this work presents an analytical study of Stone Portals, including their astronomical, metrological, geometric and other properties, as well as occult features.

This, second part, presents the results of the experiment with a stone labyrinth designed and built by the author of this work (Chapter 10), in compliance with the revealed properties of the Stone Portals, with the aim to test whether this structure does actually exert the respective occult properties, or not.

As a result of the conducted experiments (Chapter 11) the subjective and objective data were obtained, pertaining to (1) operators’ perceptions and (2) measurements of their aura and chakras energy potential during passage of the labyrinth, which are reflected in the Summary of perceptions and in the Album of Aura Photos. The quantitative and qualitative analysis of these data give the evidence that the presence of an operator in the labyrinth is characterized by a high stability of occult effects in terms of perception of energy, information, space and time, changes in aura colour and energy, and healing of a wide range of diseases. Besides, it was confirmed that the labyrinth strengthens the astrological influence of the transit situation on the operator being in the labyrinth, and also allows establishing interaction with sacral objects located on all continents.

On the whole, this confirms the occult effectiveness of the analyzed stone labyrinth, thus allowing to consider it to present a Portal understood as occult instrument promoting the manifestation of a wide range of spatio-temporal and energy-informational phenomena.

The Stone Portals January 19, 2018

The Stone Portals
by Sergey Smelyakov

This issue starts hosting of English edition of the e-book The Stone Portals (See annotations below – for 2015 and 2016).

The first Chapter presents the classification and general description of the stone artefacts which are considered the stone portals: stone – for their substance, and portals – for their occult destination. Their main classes are the pyramids, cromlechs, and stone mounds, as well as lesser forms – stone labyrinths et al. Then, chapter by chapter, we analyze the classes of these artefacts from the viewpoint of their occult and analytical properties, which, as it turned out, in different regions of the world manifest the similar properties in astronomical alignments, metrological and geometrical features, calendaric application, and occult destination.

The second Chapter deals with the first, most extensive class of the Stone Portals – the Labyrinth-Temples presented by edifices of various types: Pyramids, mounds, etc. This study is preceded by an overview of astronomic and calendaric concepts that are used in the subsequent analysis.

The religious and occult properties are analyzed relative to the main classes of the Labyrinth-Temples disposed in Mesoamerica and Eurasia, but from analytical point of view the main attention is devoted to Mesoamerican pyramids and European Passage Mounds. Thus a series of important properties are revealed re to their geometry, geodesy, astronomy, and metrology which show that their builders possessed extensive knowledge in all these areas. At this, it is shown that although these artefacts differ in their appearance, they have much in common in their design detail, religious and occult destination, and analytic properties, and on the world-wide scale.

In particular, it is revealed that the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan defines four points in Ecliptic (40º, 140º, 220º, 320º) – the Auric-cardinal (A-cardinal) ones – which are also specified by the astronomical alignments of several Passage Mounds in Ireland; in their turn, the latter determine the days of the four main Celtic festivals (Samhain, Imbolc, etc.) and thus – the crucial days of the prehistoric Celtic tropical calendar, the forthcoming dates of which are presented in Gregorian dates.

The Stone Portals August 19, 2017

Обзор электронной книги “Каменные Порталы” С.В. Смеляков

1. Каменные порталы как оккультный инструмент, основанный на синтезе аналитических моделей и эзотерических принципов

2. Результаты эксперимента по выявлению астрологических и оккультных свойств каменного портала

Каменные порталы 7 мая 2016
Каменные порталы. Продолжение: Эксперимент
С.В. Смеляков

Основные разделы:

10. Оккультные и аналитические аспекты конструкции лабиринта

11. Свойства Портала во внутреннем восприятии и физических измерениях

  • А. Эксперимент “Портал-Прохождение” … Сводка вербальных описаний восприятий операторов
  • Б. Эксперимент “Портал-Аура” … Альбом фотографий ауры и чакр на различных фазах эксперимента

12. Календарь и Система Секе в контексте аналитических и оккультных познаний инков (“Оккультный интернет” Инков)

Stone Portals(In Russian)
by Sergey Smelyakov
Main parts :

10. Occult and analytical aspects of the design of labyrinth

11. Properties of the Portal in perceptions and physical measurements

  • A. Experiment “Portal-Passing” … Summary of verbal descriptions of operators’ perceptions
  • B. Experiment “Portal-Aura” … Album of aura and chakras photos at different phases of the experiment

12. Calendar and Сeques system in the context of analytical and occult knowledge of Incas (“Occult Internet” of Incas)

Каменные порталы 7 марта
Каменные порталы
С.В. Смеляков

Основные разделы: 1. Цель исследования и основные понятия. 2. Лабиринты-храмы: сопутствующие им мифы, символы и аналитические свойства. 3. Спирали в мировых мифах и символах. 4. Окружности в петроглифах, выкладках и кромлехах: мифы, графемы и аналитические свойства. 5. Аналитические свойства кромлехов и каменных кругов-выкладок. 6. Достоверно ли мнение канонической науки о доисторических культурах? 7. Тайная Доктрина как первооснова мировых представлений об эволюции и иных мирах (Книга в книге: I. Основные представления об эволюции и семеричности планеты и человека. II. Тайная Доктрина об эволюции Коренных Рас и их Материков. III. Доктринальная история христианства: догматы церкви против исходного Учения. IV. Районы формирования и миграции подрас V (Арийской) Коренной Расы в свете данных современной науки. V. Формирование этносов Восточной Европы. VI. Образование Древнерусского государства. VII. Общность эзотерических и астрономических аспектов религий и праздников народов мира) 8. Лабиринты как каменные выкладки и петроглифы. 9. Метрологические и геометрические свойства лабиринтов. Содержание

Stone Portals(In Russian)
by Sergey Smelyakov
Main parts: 1.Goal of the study and main concepts. 2. Labyrinth-temples: the accompanying myths, symbols and analytical properties. 3. Spirals in world myths and symbols. 4. Circles in petroglyphs, stone circles and cromleches: myths, graphemes and analytical properties. 5. Astronomy, geometry and metrology of cromleches and stone circles. 6. Whether we may rely upon the canonical science viewpoint re to the ancient cultures? 7. The “Secret Doctrine” as the fundamental system of concepts relative to evolution and ‘other worlds’ (a book in the book): I. Basic concepts re to Evolution and septenary essence of humanity and planet; II. Evolution of Root Races and their Continents; III. Doctrinal history of Christianity: the church’s dogmas vs. the Source Teaching; IV. The regions of origination and migrations of sub-races of the V (Arian) Root Race from the standpoint of modern science; V. Ethnogenesis of Eastern European nations; VI. Forming of Old Russian state; VII. Commonality of occult and astronomical aspects of religions and festivities in Mesoamerica and Eurasia. 8. Labyrinths as the stone structures, petroglyphs and paintings. 9. Metrology and geometry of Labyrinths

Каменные порталы 25 апреля
2012: Анализ мировых тенденций в свете резонанса эволюционных и локальных циклов развития природы и общества
Сергей Смеляков
Видеозапись доклада на конференции
(Video in Russian)
10. Время 24 марта
2012: The End of the World or Ascension?
By Sergey Smelyakov, Jan Wicherink
10. Time March 8
2012: Конец Света или Вознесение?
Сергей Смеляков
10. Время 6 янв.
Степенные ряды золотого сечения в моделях нейродинамики
(In Russian: Golden section power series in models of neurodynamics )
Сергей Смеляков
The Golden section algebra of brain rhythms and its realization in the absolute time scale
By Sergey Smelyakov
Видео: О современном понимании древних знаний об актуальных мировых циклах (150 МБ)
доклад Смелякова С.В. на вебинаре ВШКА
10. Время 23 дек.,
Год 7 затмений, фокусы кометы Хэйла-Боппа и точка бифуркации календаря Майя (In Russian)
Сергей Смеляков
9. COMETS 20 дек.,
The year of 7 Eclipses that follow the comet Hale-Bopp Foci and Mayan calendar Bifurcation point
By Sergey Smelyakov
9. COMETS Dec 20,
By Sergey Smelyakov
10. Time October,
Спираль времени и влияние комет в эпоху Великого Небесного Соединения
Сергей Смеляков, Ян Викеринк
9. COMETS 20 мая,
Spiral of time and comets in the era of Great Celestial Conjunction
By Sergey Smelyakov, Jan Wicherink
9. COMETS May 20,
A ban on astrology is preparing
Время как мера длительности движения
С.В. Смеляков

Пространство и Время в физике и Тайной Доктрине. Путешествия в прошлое и будущее; машина времени, спираль времени, эволюционное время, замедление и ускорение времени; сканируемая Вселенная, темная энергия , темная материя; большой взрыв, сфера Хаббла; артефакты: Инь-Ян, Свастика, Майя: календарь, символ G; каменные лабиринты

In Russian: Time as a Measure of Duration of Motion
by Sergey Smelyakov

Time and Space in physics and in the Secret Doctrine. Past and future, time machine; spiral of time, psychological and evolutional time, acceleration and deceleration of time; Hubble sphere, scannable Universe; dark matter, dark energy and thin planes; big bang; artefacts: Yin and Yang, swastika, Mayan calendar and symbol G; stone labyrinths

10. Время March,
Comet Hale-Bopp’s Foci: the Hidden Schedule of World Disasters
by Sergey Smelyakov, Jan Wicherink
9. COMETS April 24,
Whether Comet Lulin would Energize the Foci of Comet Hale-Bopp?
by Sergey Smelyakov
9. COMETS February 14, 2009
The Comet Hale-Bopp Foci as the Resonance Points of the Chronicle of World Disasters
by Sergey Smelyakov
9. COMETS January 27, 2009
The Celestial Crosses and Paramount Earth’s Cycles in Astrophysics, Artefacts and Esoterical Concepts
by Sergey Smelyakov
8. SOLAR ZODIAC July 3, 2008
The Celestial Crosses and the “Solar Pump” in Esoterical Concepts, Symbols and Artefacts
by Sergey Smelyakov
6. THEOSOPHY July 3, 2008
The Celestial Crosses in Earth’s Exposure to the Growing Solar Activity and Galactic Influence
by Sergey Smelyakov
1. THE AURIC TIME SCALE July 3, 2008
The Celestial Crosses in Earth’s Motions: Geometry and Periods of Paramount Astronomical Cycles
by Sergey Smelyakov
8. SOLAR ZODIAC July 3, 2008
The D&M Pyramid of Cydonia – the Sibling of the Great Pyramid of Giza?
by Sergey Smelyakov
The Mystery of Maya Symbols and the Epochs of Crucial World Transformations
Sergey Smelyakov, Jan Wicherink (R)
The sequel to
Crucifying the Earth on the Galactic Cross
8. SOLAR ZODIAC August 4, 2007
Crucifying the Earth on the Galactic Cross
by Sergey Smelyakov, Jan Wicherink (R)
8. SOLAR ZODIAC January 5, 2007

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