2.1. Introduction
2.2. Basic Source Data and Formulation of the Problem
2.3. ATS: an Algebraic Structure of Solar System and Terrestrial periods
2.4. Verification of the ATS Hypothesis on the Basis of its Synchronism with Terrestrial Periods 2.5. Verification of the ATS Relying on Mythology
2.6. ATS in Music of Spheres
2.7. Conclusions


The world is one and indivisible. But what can present its unity in number, or specify the synchronism between such fundamental features of this Universe as periods of planetary revolutions and Solar cycles, trends in demography and the Mayan Calendar, the epochs of coming of Great Teachers of humanity, not speaking about geological, economical and other cycles in Nature and society?
As it turns out, the structure of all these phenomena is synchronized by the Golden section number Ф=1.6180339… and the average period T0
=11.07 yr of the 11-year Solar cycle. This synchronism is described with the use of quite simple object – the Auric series, viz. a geometrical progressions Фk, 2*Фk being infinite to both ends (Part 1), the unit Ф0=1 of which equals to the Earthy year, or to T0.
The terms of these series correspond to the known basic periods in Nature and society; in this sense the Auric series define the discrete Scale of the basic phenomena periods (Part 2).
From the other hand, in a form of sequence of intervals with duration decreasing in the Golden section the ATS specifies an exponential structuring of time, or the Scale of evolutional time (Part 3).
The Solar cycles as the “standard time signals” of the ATS are considered in Part 4.
The ATS also finds its reflection both in Theosophy (Part 6) and artefacts of Egypt (Part 7), and in the current trends (Parts 8 and 9).


Степенные ряды золотого сечения в моделях нейродинамики (In Russian)
Сергей Смеляков

Периоды волн мозга распределены по тому же степенному ряду золотого сечения (ATS), который определяет значительную часть базовых периодов в природе и обществе. При этом взаимодействие нейронов определяется не натуральными гармониками, а алгебраическими свойствами этих рядов

The Golden section algebra of brain rhythms and its realization in the absolute time scale
By Sergey V. Smelyakov. April 19, 2011

It is shown that the periods of brain waves (periodic rhythms and potentials) are distributed over the Auric Time Scale (ATS) – that is over the terms of the Golden section power series being supplied with a natural unit of time, and their interactions are described by algebra defined by the properties of these series. This way, the neuron oscillation periods follow the values of the same fundamental scale, ATS, that defines a plenty of the basic periods in nature and society.

Golden section power series, fundamental Time Scale, neuron oscillations, EEG, brain potentials and periodic rhythms, brain waves and heartbeats, latency, memory span, frequency, period, co-periodicity, resonance, model, frequency transformation and concatenation, neurodynamics, neurocybernetics

1. S. Smelyakov. The Golden Section in Synchronism of Solar Activity Cycles and Planetary Revolutions. Kharkov: Ukr.-Sib. ABC (1997). – 80 p.


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